Adventure CoreEdit

Adventure core

Adventure Core.

Adventure Core, also known as Rick, is one of the three cores that you must plug into Wheatley  in the Final Boss Battle. He is, contrary to this, the second core in the sequence to defeat Wheatley. Adventure Core is also marked and has blast marks on him, like Wheatley. He is also male.


The Boss Battle is Adventure Core's only appearance. He appears on the bridge to where GLaDOS is giving Chell cores to corrupt Wheatley. He must be plugged into the right side of Wheatley during the Boss Battle. His lines are the stubborn "Tough Guy" lines, and even tries to unsuccessfully offer Chell a "Lady Break" while he "Takes it from here". He is found hanging and swinging on a wire.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

The Adventure Core looks damaged and battered like Wheatley, but is fully functional. He speaks in a Texas accent and seems like a middle-aged man. His eye is green and pixelated, with a rectangular black pupil. Like the other cores, when plugged in, will stop speaking and spark. His personality is big headed and stubborn towards the player for being female, some may even refer to it as slightly sexist. He seems to think Males should fight Wheatley while girls should not and take breaks.


"Okay, whats the situation here? Oh, are you fighting that guy? You need some help with that? Just because... y'know, you're a girl. Wait, is that a gun? Look, I don't wanna scare you, but I'm an Adventure Sphere, and I was designed for this kinda thing. So how about you take a "Lady Break" and I take it from here?"