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Atlas, also spelt ATLAS, is one of the two playable robots in Co-Op. He is male, and shoots Blue and Purple portals. Atlas has a deep voice and seems to know martial arts, such as karate.


As mentioned earlier, Atlas seems to know martial arts such as karate. He is easily threatenedPolishedFragment (talk) 11:10, July 25, 2013 (UTC) so will threaten and attack using this, but only in cutscenes, especially the first cutscene where he and P-body is built.

He also is slow to react, and often will be careful around jumping down pits and holes, unlike P-body.


ATLAS has a Blue eye, and a circular head. He walks on two strong legs, unlike P-body's smaller, weaker ones. As well has this, his head appears to be lower giving him shoulders, instead of P-body's higher, oval head. He also has larger feet and shoulder-guards in place, not to mention some visible wires connecting his joints.


Wake up

P-body and ATLAS after waking Chell from her concussion.

P-body and ATLAS both share an appearance, however only once, in Singleplayer. After Chell has banished Wheatley permanently into Space, she is knocked out. She is then woken by two robots, ATLAS and P-body, who when noticing she is alive step back. They are thought to of hurriedly of been built by GLaDOS to save Chell, although in the last scenes before Chell is released GLaDOS does not mention these two robots.

In Co-Op/Multiplayer, Atlas has a large amount of appearances. Not only is he one of the two playable characters in Co-Op, but he appears throughout the tests in this mode without leaving them. He also dances, humiliates P-body, etc in front of security cameras to annoy GLaDOS.

Atlas also makes appearances in trailers, videos etc by Valve relating to Portal. The first appearance is found when starting Co-Op with a player you have never met, where he and P-body are being built. After, as mentioned before, being threatened and trying to attack the machines, he will wave to P-body slowly and then eventually follow him down the pipe.


Atlas hugging P-body after P-body's respawn.

nother appearance is in the "You'll be Perfect" video, all the way through it. He will help P-body and be helped to solve puzzles. At the first puzzle, he nudges P-body to stand in his two portals so he can use P-body to solve the test. A notable appearance is when first encountering the Spike Plate, where he accidently kills P-body and thinks that his companion is forever dead. When P-body respawns, however, Atlas runs over and hugs P-body. This leaves P-body puzzled, suggesting that the robots don't remember how they died when respawning.


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Portal 2 Coop Trailer HD