Defective TurretEdit

Turret defective

A Defective Turret.

The Defective Turret, Or "Crap Turret" as referred to by Wheatley, is a malfunctioning yet self aware turret in Portal 2 that is either Broken, Damaged or Incorrectly Built.

They are humorous and have humorous lines, as well as a Southern American accent. Defective Turrets are Black and have no White Plates on them like functioning Turrets, yet they can come in different forms which do like Oracle Turret. The majority of Defective Turrets are black, which make a clicking noise when trying to shoot and then will say a line such as: "I'm not defective! I'm not defective!" or, "Nooo!" They yet, do open. Defective Turrets make a clicking noise to indicate no ammo when trying to fire.

There is no way to kill a Defective Turret aside from GLaDOS or the Turret Assembly Line killing/destroying them. They were voiced by Nolah North.


Defective Turrets come in different forms and appearances, but none will attack or fire at you. Mostly, they are black Turrets, which were assembled incorrectly and have no white plates on them to cover them. They are also somewhat friendly to Chell, even when trying to shoot her.

Another type of Defective Turret is the Sideways Turret,
Sideways Turret

The Sideways Turret.

which is like a normal Turret but tilted 180 degrees sideways with a small explosion mark on the top Plate in the centre. The two white plates are loose, the bottom one heavily, allowing the player to see inside. They are Defective and function like the Defective Turret, but their light flickers like Oracle Turret's. They are found late in the game after completing the Bowels of Aperture.

The third and final type of Defective Turret is The Oracle Turret, who is only encountered twice throughout the game. She is Female and has a high pitched voice saying "Hello?" or, "I'm Different..." Wheatley tells Chell to avoid her and not make Eye Contact. On the Redemption Lines she can also be saved for an Achievement, and will wearily say "Thank You" when rescued.


The Defective Turret makes it's first appearence in The Turret Assembly Lines,
Turrets target

First Person view of a Turret targeting the target.

when being tested on shooting a Target. They are part of a puzzle there to get to another room. They, when detected as Defective, will say "Ah well, I tried." or, once again, "I'm not Defective!"

Their second appearence is also in The Turret Assembly Lines, when scanning Turrets to be considered working or not. If they are considered Defective through a Template matchup, they are flown back into a shoot to Android Hell. They must be caught and replace the Master Turret template with themselves, making all of GLaDOS' Turrets Defective/Crap.

Turret boss
Their Third and final Appearence is when GLaDOS tries to kill Chell through Neurotoxin and Turrets. When she summons the Turrets, the Defective Turrets are summoned instead. They will try to fire, but all fail and then slowly explode in a chain reaction. GLaDOS then calls for Neurotoxin and Wheatley appears, beginning the game's first boss fight.


  • They can not be spawned in the Portal 2 Test Creator.
  • Defective Turrets are male.
  • There seems to be many similar models to the Defective Turrets.
  • Hacking a Turret will change it to the Defective Turret model.