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Oracle Turret.

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Oracle Turret, also known as the Different Turret, is a strange but active turret in Portal 2. The turret is female, hated by GLaDOS for not firing at players and calling itself "different".

She often says "Hello" or "Is anyone there?" like the functional turrets, but not to scare the player. The Achivment No Hard Feelings can be obtained and it involves saving Oracle Turret. It is worth 10G and is Bronze.


The Oracle Turret is only found twice but is not killed, burnt or destroyed.

In the chapter, The Courtesy Call, when running with Wheatley she is first spotted in a clogged pipe containing waste.

Oracle in the tube.

The scanning light flickers on and off, but she will not ever fire even if eye-to-eye with Chell. Wheatley says to try and avoid her, not making eye contact or talking to her. He also tries to make her quiet but she will keep speaking.

Her second appearence is in Chapter 5, while crossing the conveyer belts to the other side. On the last one, leading to redemption, Oracle Turret eventually coming down on it. By saving Oracle, she will thank you and be held like any other turret. Oracle will often say quotes such as "Don't drink Lemonade" but has to be left safely somewhere. After saving her you will gain the acheivment No Hard Feelings.


The Turret appears calm and talks in a gentle voice, almost seeming to slightly fear Chell. She will however, not be scared of redemption. Oracle is also very thankful and seems to like Chell.