The Turret in Portal 2 is one of the many hazards. It is male, and has a large field of view. When spotting a Player, they will sound a siren noise, lock on with their laser sight, open and then fire. They can kill a player, but can be killed by being dropped in goo, burnt, dropped into a pit, or knocked over.

The gun he fires is automatic and never runs out of ammo.


The Turret appears numerous times through test chambers, and on the run with Wheatley. In Chapter 5, The Escape, it makes it first appearence in this chapter in a mini chamber. The Turrets there can all be destroyed by being knocked over.

They then also make an appearence in this chapter in the Turret Assembly Line, first appearing shooting a target. This is a puzzle that must be solved by using Portals, and the Defective Turrets also make an appearence. Next they are seen where Turrets are tested on appearence. There is one as a model for detecting Working Turrets and Turrets on the assembly line, aswell as Defective Turrets.

To rid of the production line, you must let Wheatley smash the door's Glass and then shoot a portal into it. Pull the turret template from the room and walk out the room to infront of the redemption pit. Grab a Defective Turret that
Turret open

An Open view of a turret.

has been rejected and put it in the Template, making all the turrets "Crap", says Wheatley.

They also appear to be being built near the tubes you must climb down in Chapter 5, Engineered and Packaged, possibly to be shipped/delivered. They also appear running when Wheatley yells "Turrets!" But can be simply ridded with a portal above and beneath, or if a Portal has been kept in the Mini Challenge, a simple Portal underneath them will rid the Turret there.

They then make a final appearence in the Turret Opera, being conducted by a Mini Turret, the daughter of Oracle Turret, with King Animal Turret in the background. They can, however, be found before that through a platform. Found there or in the Opera, the normal Turrets will sing while King Animal Turret makes low bass sounds.

They are also seen, from the Chamber they first appear in to the final Chamber (excluding GLaDOS' trap chamber) in the Elevator rooms, on the screens.


The Turrets seem cool headed and calm, but can panic when losing what they detected or being picked up. When dropped to their side, they will also panic. Turrets also appear to obay every command from GLaDOS even if that plan involves destroying themselves. They will always say something before shooting, and will seem to quickly open and fire trying to not lose their target before they escape. Normal Turrets also appear very different from the Mini Turret, The Defective Turret and Oracle Turret.