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Wheatley, also known as Chell's Companion, is a Blue


Personality core who appears to be good, but then becomes mad with power and transforms GLaDOS into a Potato. He is the game's deuteragonist, and guides Chell through most of the puzzles before he becomes evil. He was voiced by British voice actor Stephen Merchant.


Wheatley makes his first appearence waking Chell from a coma in the Chapter The Courtsey Call, which is suspected to of lasted for centuries. He then guides Chell safely from the room into the first chamber, which has been wrecked by plants overgrowing in it.

When in the Central AI Chamber, he reffers to GLaDOS as "Hurricane Mother" and tries best to avoid her. But, he accidently wakes her, telling Chell to stay calm. GLaDOS is mad with him and throws him across the room. Chell is then seperated from him for a few chambers.

He then meets up with Chell later. During when he is not seen, he is mostly sneaking through GLaDOS' test chambers. Soon, he cuts the power in the middle of a Test Chamber and helps Chell escape GLaDOS' clutches.

Wheatley being sucked into space from control.

They are then on the run together, to put Wheatley in charge of the facility.stop the Turret Assembly Line by replacing the Turret Model with a defective turret, and destroy the Neurotoxin Production with Lasers.

In contrary to this, it has effect and stops GLaDOS from killing Chell, as the turrets wont fire and Through the Neurotoxin Pipe out comes Wheatley. There is then a puzzle to press a button to start replacing GLaDOS with Wheatley, which is censored by metal walls as it is considered disturbingly violent.

Wheatley then laughs and becomes mad with power. After arguing with GLaDOS, he turns her into a Potato and throws her into the elevator with Chell, which he then punches into a pit. He is heard saying "Oops." When he mistakingly punches them down into a pit, suggesting he regretted doing so.

He is then seen in the Final Boss, where he must be destroyed with bombs and other cores. After booby trapping the button, he must be shot into space through a Portal. He tries hard to stay in Chell's Clutches but is released and is thrown vertically into endless space.

Then seen in the credits, he meets the Space Core and hints wanting to appologise to Chell for everything.

Appearence and PersonalityEdit


Wheatley in control.

 Appears to be a White core with a Blue eye, and often looks around while talking to Chell. He can be carried, and has a Southern British accent. He also seems to be dirtier as you progress. When in control, he is attached to a long wired frame that GLaDOS was attached to. He also appears more aggresive when in control, insulting Chell and Potatos/GLaDOS.

Before, when helping, he seemed gentlemanly and freindly, and most players were taken aback when he became evil. He seems to say humerous quotes and appologises for things that may insult Chell. He also is easily shocked and will warn Chell that the last Chamber is a trap filled with Neurotoxin.

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